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Update May 17th 2014

Sunroof surround back in production! But very limited availability. Order now for the Alfisti in your life or for yourself - one (or two) of you deserves one.

GTV6 rear light circuit boards pretty much exhausted.  One set of boards left and they will probably be sold as bare boards. I'm not getting enough decent hardware back to make getting the lampholders refinished.The next revision (if that ever happens) will use new,readily available, lampholders and have several other features including a third/center/high visibility option.

Prices increased for the last bare boards are USD175.00. I no longer supply just left or right boards, full sets only.  Free shipping within the US and USD25.00 to the rest of the world.

No Alfa content but, I have another project in the works. One of my other passions is HiFi and vinyl records. Storing records is always an issue so back in 2005 I picked up some racks made by Per Madsen Design. Mr. Madsen retired around 2009 and production ceased - until now.

I reintroduced the original open record rack as an identical match to the Per Madsen furniture. Per called his racks Rackit although that name is now used by an outfit in New Jersey (and several others). As a nod to Per's contribution I call my racks Tribute.

Check out TwoCan HiFi (OK, it needs work).

Let me know about any other wants/needs etc. - 503.504.7358 - Jef

Portland - Oregon - USA

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