Alfa Romeo V6 Valve Cover Bolts
(Socket Head - sohc)
Machine Finish (black), for the Legendary Alfa Romeo V6

Add a purposeful look to your Alfa V6. Correct 7mm socket head (hex/allen key) bolts don't just look better, they also protect your valve-covers from damage when removing or refitting the bolts.

Rather than a socket (or worse, wrench) fitting over the original hex bolt, the socket head keeps the tool inside the head of the bolt. Custom valve covers won't have digs when tools gouge into the paint anymore.

Socket head bolts are more functional too. Several of the valve-cover retaining bolts are difficult to access (like the one under the brake booster on the GTV6). With the ability to use a hex (allen) key, that difficulty is removed.

The machine black finish looks great! They perfectly compliment cleaned or painted valve covers. Each bolt comes with a machine black flat washer for the ultimate 'technical' look.

Kit includes:

Note: These bolts are 12.9-grade steel. Take care not to cross-thread or overtighten the bolts when screwing them into the soft alloy of the heads. A small amount anti-seize can be applied to each bolt prior to fitting.

A 6mm hex/allen key is required for fitting. These may have to be cut down to clear the booster on the GTV6.

Items will be individually checked prior to shipping and well packed.

Price (US Dollars) $24.99

Just $24.99!
Notice the gouge marks where a wrench
chewed into the paint