Alfa Romeo GTV6 and Milano
Fuel Pump Mounts
Reproduction Mounts that match the Originals

I recently needed to replace the fuel pump mounts on one car as there was only one mount, that was also badly split, holding the pump. The other had broken in two.

Looking for replacements at the usual suppliers I came across a place (Alfa Parts Catalog) that had them in stock. However, when they arrived (I ordered 2) each was different from the originals AND each other! Frustrating.

The part that was dimensionally similar came in Lancia packaging. The purported Alfa replacement part was too short. Apparently, the old part number 60507128 has been superceded by p/n 60662465. That's what I was told by the customer service guy at Alfa Parts Catalog anyway.

Didn't like the 'new' part so I checked into alternatives more like the original. Found them. So now I am offering them to you at a much lower cost than the Alfa/Lancia part. Stud threads are 6mm x 1.0 pitch as per the original.

Just US$19.99/pair with free shipping in the US and US$10 shipping anywhere in the world (US$29.99 with tracking info).

As a safety check I would suggest checking yours. Make sure the fuel lines are not rubbing against the frame and that the mounts are not split or broken. After 20 odd years they may well need replacement.

Price (US Dollars) $19.99

Price (US Dollars) $19.99

Parts Catalog and Mounts
Parts Catalog and Mounts

The old mount above has a split that goes 75% of the way through